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a fic journal
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5th-Apr-2010 10:12 am - day out: minho/jonghyun
Title: Day Out
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Minho/Jonghyun
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Minho gets sick of Jonghyun paying more attention to his phone than him.

Minho pouted as he watched Jonghyun on the phone.Collapse )
12th-Dec-2008 09:00 am(no subject)
Sometimes I wish I could've been better and gone to Australia and done what I wanted to do. Because just because suddenly nothings seeming right anymore, and the fact that they only admit 50 people (50 damnit!) a year to THM is not what I need to know right now. How the fuck am I going to stand out and get accepted.

I mean it's not the easiest thing to start changing myself now. Idk, I really hate projects. Annoying.

What the hell am I studying for. <-- crazy question that will only serve to depress anyone further D:

Buh. Nevermind I shall enjoy studyless life first. Which had made me quite happy, actually. 8D
I think I'm being all stupid and crazy but at least it's making me happy.
I'm so thankful I brought my wordlist down last night heheheheheh.
29th-Nov-2008 12:25 am - hands: Gerard Pique/Bojan Krkic
Title: Hands
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gerard Pique/Bojan Krkic
Disclaimer: They play for themselves, not me.
Summary: Bojan thinks about Gerard's hands.

A/N: Because I needed to write about it after I saw the vast difference in thier hand sizes. Thanks to sukuishi for much needed beta.

Gerard had big hands.Collapse )
Title: Five
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Bastian Schweinsteiger/Philipp Lahm (kind of), ongoing Schweinski and Hildebrand/Lahm
Disclaimer: They play for themselves, not me.
Summary: Philipp recalls some things.
A/N: Some of the stories are set in the times of the Bayern youth team, where Schweini and Lahm used to be. I took some liberties in things, as usual. Un-betaed. And lacking 1/5.

+4, because one's still undoneCollapse )
17th-Apr-2008 12:24 am(no subject)
wrong.Collapse )

god i'm weird.
ok, JAEBABY★team genius
Title: Orange
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Novak Djokovic/Richard Gasquet
Disclaimer: They play for themselves, not me.
Summary: Richard finally replies to Novak's text messages.

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